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New Day 9 - Golang Mapeater
NewDays glitch-aura-djinn drag-spin-exp seitan-spin Go csharp ruby
New Day 8 - Let Slip the Dogs of Time
NewDays drag-spin-exp seitan-spin csharp ruby
New Day 7 - Faster and More Stable
NewDays drag-spin-exp seitan-spin GitLab Docker cucumber ruby csharp


Day 80 - Code Dissatisfaction
OldDays seitan-spin drag-spin-exp cucumber ruby SQL csharp
Day 75 - 100x Speedup
OldDays seitan-spin blog cucumber ruby csharp SQL
Day 71 - Old Age and Poison
OldDays seitan-spin drag-spin-exp cucumber csharp SQL
Day 70b - Player Data
OldDays drag-spin-exp csharp cucumber
Day 56 - A test, a plan, Panama?
OldDays seitan-spin cucumber csharp
Day 55 - Two more
OldDays seitan-spin cucumber csharp ruby
Day 49 - Minimalism 3: Small Town Blues
OldDays seitan-spin csharp SQL