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Day 72b - A little more darkness

OldDays blog

Alternate universe Jim Croce.
Alternate universe Jim Croce.

In which we learn to limit the time we spend.

Improve the Blog Every Third Day

Worked on the new version of the blog again, got a few things done:

  • Forked the theme on GitHub so I could get the upstream changes.

  • Figured out how to widen the content section enough to fit the code blocks well.

  • Made the first and last ten posts look decent.

For the moment, there’s a preview here.

I kept having problems with some of the generated URLs, which I am assuming is due to a lot of Jekyll pages being hosted on GitHub Pages. I’ll have to dig in further to get a config that works well for me. Tomorrow.

Interesting Stuff

More to come
More to come

Day 72b code - blog theme