301 Days (redux)

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Day 69b - Roadshow

Jul 30, 2016 - 1 minute read - OldDays

Tank playground Tank playground

In which we travel a bit to learn a new thing.

Going to California Columbus

Travelled to Columbus, OH for the Unity Roadshow workshop on multiplayer stuff. Fun to see Unity continue on the “we’ll do the hard stuff for you” path, and also the quality of their examples.

I’m somewhat inspired to use some of the Unity multiplayer magic in the visualizer, so the game world and visualizer can be running on some hosted machine somewhere, and people can just connect to it to view the world (individual camera controls, but all of the game world objects being network objects). Given the current behavior of the visualizer, bandwidth might be a problem.

If nothing else, I’ll make my next Jam game multiplayer. I should look into when that next Jam will be. Tomorrow.

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