301 Days (redux)

Another metric leap year of gamedev experiments and such

Day 51 - Misc

Jun 6, 2016 - 2 minute read - OldDaysdrag-spin-exp

A couple of relatively random things.

Forgot to mention

Intended to share this link yesterday but forgot: Automated Testing for League of Legends. Delighted to see this kind of CI-style automated testing being used in the games industry, and amazed to see the details shared publicly like this. A favourite quote:

“In particular, we expose no form of pure sleep in the standard test library of the BVS. Early test-writers made heavy use of sleeps, which led to a number of fragile tests that performed differently based on the hardware they were running on. All waits in the standard library are conditional waits that poll the game on a regular cadence, waiting for a condition to be met.”

I’ve been through two jobs with large test codebases ruined by sleeps, so I’m totally on board w/this approach. Of course, a test engineer could still force a simple sleep: by waiting for something impossible with a certain timeout and ignoring the failure, or waiting for something immediate with a certain interval; probably enough trouble to make them reconsider, though.

Oh, and I’m definitely bookmarking Maxfield’s Docker and Jenkins stuff for later. :)

Some cleanup and an actual published release

Planning on attaching the executable and such for drag-spin-exp to tags, so I have actual “releases” that can be retrieved automatically, but want to do some cleanup first.

I changed the executable name to DragSpinExp.exe and tweaked the included config file. Identifying it as a “fork” rather than a “branch” now; which is true, since I’m sure there’s no way the main branch will ever want my changes. :)

The release tag for on GitLab now has the executable, necessary DLLs, and default config file attached to it. That’ll prove useful.. tomorrow.

More to come

Day 51 code - server