301 Days (redux)

Another metric leap year of gamedev experiments and such

Day 41 - Blame it on Shadertoy

Dec 21, 2015 - 1 minute read - OldDays

Yes, this gif again


Working my way through PMGAI Lesson 2.3, “Generative Algebra”. Starts off with a bunch of stuff that I’m already quite familiar with; but then moves on to a discussion of Distance Fields, which is relevant to my interests but somewhat surprising in an AI course. Then Dreams is explicitly mentioned, which is cool. Then there’s an assignment that is to be done using Shadertoy, and I lose the rest of the evening to that.

Nothing fancy, but oh so fun to make. Nothing fancy, but oh so fun to make.

In my University days (and before), I did a lot of playing around with POV-Ray. In those days, even the simplest scene would take hours to render on my computer, which gave me time to do my homework. I can’t imagine what effect Shadertoy and these speedy machines would have had on my grades.

More to come

Tomorrow, more tests, for real this time… for relatively flexible definitions of “tomorrow”…