301 Days (redux)

Another metric leap year of gamedev experiments and such

Day 40 - Not much to see here

Dec 20, 2015 - 1 minute read - OldDays

Secret message


Busy at work, holidays, seasonal illness, whatever. Too long between posts; need to fix that.


I had fallen behind on PMGAI, along with everything else, and am trying to catch up. Unit 2.2, “Data-Driven Systems”, had a lot about structuring large software projects heavy on authored content. This is one of the holes in my experience: I’ve been a part of large software projects, but mostly with lots of code, not lots of stuff. And my games experience has been on small projects, without the need for much struture or rigor.

One interesting tidbit was a pointer to the repository for Warzone 2100, an open-sourced RTS originally from 1999.

Upcoming Events

Some things I’m looking forward to:

  • Global Game Jam is January 29-31 this (well, next) year. Always fun, despite my varying degrees of success in the past. Maybe I’ll actually prepare some this time.
  • PAX East 2016 is April 22-24 in Boston. I used to go to a lot of conventions, but pared it down to just this one recently. Luckily we got tickets before it sold out.

More to come

Tomorrow, more tests…