301 Days

A year of gamedev experiments.


The Story So Far

As of this update, I started 301days over 750 days ago. Jobs and friends always take precedence, so it hasn’t moved along as quickly as I’d have thought.

  • The first 30+ days involve writing a Unity-based visualizer for a recreation of a decades-old MMO. Check out the animated gifs near the bottoms of Day 29 and Day 30. There’s fun multithreading stuff on Day 24.
  • Starting around Day 36 I start writing tests to run against the MMO server. Slow going, including a lot of refactoring and fixing of bugs.
  • I did a postmortem of Global Game Jam 2016 on Day 44a.
  • There’s a 100x speedup in time generating the blog hidden in Day 75.
  • I did a postmortem of Global Game Jam 2017 on Day 81.
  • On Day 83 I started an ill-conceived attempt to port my favourite Global Game Jam 2014 game, Beholder High, to SMS.

Fair Warning

  • I’m deliberately attacking tech outside of my comfort zone, and that will be obvious at times. Feel free to tell me the idiomatic one-liner that I should have used; I will thank you for it.
  • Initial implementations will frequently be questionable code. Refactoring will usually occur without comment, and purely experimental code may be deleted before it’s refactored.
  • I’m not a visual artist. Anything that looks horrible is likely mine, anything that looks nice came from someone else (either public domain or attributed somehow). The blog entries themselves may have images “borrowed” from around the web; if anything seems to go beyond fair use, just let me know.